Hayven Drop Earrings - J’Adore Jewelry
Hayven Drop Earrings - J’Adore Jewelry
Hayven Drop Earrings - J’Adore Jewelry
Hayven Drop Earrings - J’Adore Jewelry
Hayven Drop Earrings - J’Adore Jewelry

Hayven Dangles Earrings

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Elevate Your Style with Hayven Dangles Earrings

When it comes to making a statement, few accessories can match the appeal of Hayven Dangles Earrings. These stunning drop and dangles earrings not only offer a unique blend of elegance and style but also serve as the perfect complement to any outfit. Whether you are dressing up for a formal event or adding a touch of glamour to your everyday look, these earrings will undoubtedly set you apart.

The Hayven Dangles Earrings are meticulously designed to capture light and movement, ensuring that they catch every eye in the room. The intricate craftsmanship involved in creating these earrings showcases the brand's commitment to quality and design excellence. Made with high-grade materials, these earrings are both stylish and durable, making them a worthy investment for any jewelry collection.


One of the standout features of Hayven Dangles Earrings is their versatility. Because they blend classic styles with contemporary trends, they are perfect for both modern and traditional wardrobes. The dangles earrings can be paired with evening gowns, casual wear, or even professional attire, making them extremely versatile. The wide range of designs ensures that there is something for everyone, whether you prefer minimalist elegance or elaborate, eye-catching pieces.

Hayven Dangles Earrings are also a fantastic gift option because they come in beautifully designed packaging. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasions, these earrings are a thoughtful and luxurious gift. The attention to detail in both the earrings and their packaging adds an extra bit of charm, making the recipient feel truly special.


The Hayven brand stands for quality, and these dangles earrings are no exception. By choosing Hayven Dangles Earrings, you are ensuring that you have a piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful but also built to last. Invest in Hayven Dangles Earrings today and see how they can transform your wardrobe and elevate your style.



  • Metal: 18K Gold Plated on Sterling Silver


  • Size: 3cm


  • Tassel design for a glamorous look
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear

Perfect For:

  • Special occasions such as weddings, parties, or gala events
  • Pairing with evening gowns or cocktail dresses for a sophisticated look
  • Gifting to someone who appreciates timeless and elegant jewelry

Care Instructions:

  • Avoid exposure to water, perfumes, and lotions
  • Clean gently with a soft, dry cloth after each wear
  • Store in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratching and tarnishing


How to determine your ring size

Confirm your ring size according to the guide below. If you're in between sizes, we suggest sizing up.

  1. Wrap a thin strip of paper or non-elastic stringaround your finger, then mark it with a red pen 
  2. Measure the length of the red marks 
  3. Read the measure and compare it to the chart below to confirm your ring size
Size (US) Size (EU) Size (HK) Diameter (mm) Perimeter (mm)
3 44 #6 14.1 44.3
3.25 45 #7 14.5 45.5
3.75 46 #8 14.8 46.5
4 48 #9 15.2 47.7
4.5 49 #10 15.5 48.7
5 50 #11 15.9 49.9
5.5 51 #12 16.2 50.9
6 52.5 #13 16.6 52.1
6.25 53.5 #14 16.9 53.1
6.75 54.5 #15 17.3 54.3
7 55.5 #16 17.7 55.6
7.5 57 #17 18 57.5
8 58 #18 18.3 57.5
8.5 59 #19 18.7 58.7
9 60 #20 19 59.7
9.5 61 #21 19.4 60.9
10 62 #22 19.7 61.9

Tips for keeping your precious pieces shining bright like a diamond and prolong the lifespan of your jewelry.

  1. Handle with care and clean regularly
  2. Remove when sleeping
  3. Allow perfumes and lotion dry before wearing jewelry
  4. Remove when showering and swimming
  5. Store in a closed bag or box
  6. Remove when active

Say goodbye to dull, tarnished jewelry and hello to long-lasting sparkle!

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